Small biz/entrepreneurship

Steve Joncas, Jeanne D'arc Credit Union

Patricia Coffey, UMass Lowell

Jay Donovan, Northern Middlesex Council of Governments

Dave Ouellette, Acre Coalition To Improve Our Neighborhood

Andrew Shapiro, Lowell Office of Economic Development

Lianna Kushi, Entrepreneurship for All

Stacie Hargis, Middlesex Community College

Franky Descoteaux, Merrimack Valley Small Business Center

Germaine Vigeant-Trudel, Lowell Development & Financial Corporation

Workforce Development

Shannon Norton Calles, Chair, Career Center of Lowell

Susan Anderson, Middlesex Community College

Yun-Ju Choi, Coalition for a Better Acre

Sako Long, Coalition for a Better Acre

inclusive community engagement

Yovani Baez-Rose, Chair, City of Lowell

Clare Gunther, Lowell Community Health Center

Mary Ann Maciejewski, Lowell Housing Authority

Connie Martin, Community Teamwork Inc.

Sovanna Pouv, Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association

Jay Linnehan, Greater Lowell Community Foundation

Wendy Blom, Lowell Telecommunications Corporation

Nancy Coen/Mary Taurus, Lowell Alliance

Dick Howe, Registry of Deeds

Luz Vasudevan, Latinx Community Center for Empowerment