September 28, 2019

3 on 3 Basketball

11 AM - 6 PM

Stoklosa Courts

560 Broadway St

Only about 10% of Lowell residents voted in the last local elections. That means 10% of Lowell decides who runs our city. The parks, the schools, the roads, all get fixed, ignored, or built depending on who gets elected.

Use your vote to let them know you care about your parks, your schools, your city.



cASH pRIZE + Championship Shirts

A gift card will be given out to each player on the championship team. Each player will also receive a championship t-shirt.

Civic Raffles

Every team must attend one mandatory session after your first game to have a discussion about voting in Lowell. Each player will receive a raffle ticket at the end of the session. There will be additional huddles throughout the day you can attend to receive more raffle tickets. Raffle prizes will be awarded just before the championship game.

Most Voter Registrations

Gift Card

The team that brings in the most voter registrations will win (teams must bring in at least 12 registrations). Only new voter registrations will count, and you must bring in a paper registration form. You can download registrations here.

3 Point Contest

Gift Card

In between games we are running a 3 point contest. Only 1 player per team is able to enter. You must sign up during registration to enter.

Dunk Contest

Gift Card

We are limiting the dunk contest to 10 players. Enter your name at registration, and we will randomly select 10 players to participate in the contest. Make sure you can dunk. The top 3 players will enter a second, finals round to be named the best dunker in Lowell.

Additional Details


Time and Location

Stoklosa Courts

September 28, 2019

Registration 11 - 11:50 AM

Games 12 PM



Voter Registration Form